Convert Audio Cassettes To Digital

Have your memories on your old Audio Tapes digitised and enhanced professionally. We are industry experts in the restoration, accurate audio tape transfer, digital preservation and migration of analogue and digital audio tape.We can digitize your audio cassettes to whatever format suits your needs e.g. cd, mp4, wav.

We work with a variety of order sizes, from individual to large institutes. No matter the amount, if it is important to you, it is important to us. We regularly invest in a range of audio equipment that includes some of the best and most efficient machines for the transfer of older magnetic audio tape.

We are based in Cork but offer this service nation wide in Ireland.

Cassette to High Quality

The conversion of audio cassettes to CD’s and other digital files involves letting the tape play in a high quality cassette deck connected to a graphic equaliser and  high specification amplifier. The output is then fed into the sound card of a PC. We improve the quality of the recording of the audio content is captured by eliminating background noise and interference before converting to CD or MP3.