Commercial Photography Explained

Successful Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is primarily the photography for businesses. It focuses on commercial use as would be used primarily for product promotions. Therefore it is primarily sales driven and features in various forms of advertisement and product or service campaigns.

8 Top Reasons why you should hire a Wedding Videographer

As I provide both Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography Services, a question I frequently hear is, do I need a Videographer for my wedding? It’s a great question! Both a photographer and videographer add significantly to the cost of the wedding and the wedding budget becomes a balance of spending money to preserve the memory of the wedding and spending more money for things to enjoy on the day itself.  
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Candid Wedding Photography Cork

The Art Of Candid Wedding Photography

Candid Photography is defined as natural and “unposed” photography. It usually means that at the very moment of the photograph being taken it is a surprise and it is shot without disturbing the subject.


How We Define Wedding Photography

For us it is a devotion, celebration and an art. Is it also a symbol of trust from the wedding couple put into us to capture unique memories on their special day.