Video Editing Services Cork

We supply video editing services in Cork for individuals, broadcasters, artists & storytellers. Our passion is taking your footage and turning it into a video that you’ll just love. Whether it’s wedding footage, a commercial training video, old family memories, we take all the trouble out of editing for you.

We work with footage supplied on all types of devices including camera, phone, ipad, camcorder, dv, mini-dv and DvCam. We have a fast turnaround time and use great copyright free music. Whether it’s adding in sountracks, video voiceovers or titles, we are happy to assist.

Video editing services Cork Ireland

Wedding Video Editing

We know your wedding video should encapsulate the romance, excitement and joy of the occasion. If you’re a couple looking for someone to edit or re-edit your wedding footage, we would be happy to help. Even if you have hours of footage, if it was recorded on an old device, we will still work hard to create  a lasting memory of the day that will always be treasured.

Commercial Video Editing

We offer commercial video editing including Corporate profiles, Educational videos and Product and Advertising videos that really show off your brand. We have created and edited videos which promoted Leaving Cert Applied, Thesis’. Applications for funding, Buildings Planning & Advertising Buildings.

Once you supply footage and some details of your intended message, then we will use our knowledge and skill to see your video through from start to finish.

Family Video Editing

Family video footage can end up being quite long and untidy. We will transform your family memories into a video you can love and cherish. We work with all video types so whether it was recorded on a camera or a phone, we will piece it together beautifully. If you’re looking for a perfect gift, a surprise birthday video or just a synopsis of a family vacation, we will edit, add music and titles to make you a perfect video filled with memories.