Foreign Video Format Conversion

Video conversion service Cork

Also known as Digital Standards Conversion. If you’re planning to send a DVD or tape to a friend or relative in another country, there’s a good chance they won’t be able to watch it on their device.

Luckily you can avail of a format conversion,  a process in which your original DVD or tape is played through a converter which makes a copy of the original in the desired format. You will of course, get the original back in proper format.

We are based in Cork but offer this service nation wide in Ireland.

Process For Foreign Video Conversion

Simply put, Foreign Video Conversion Process digitally converts video from one video standard from the country it was broadcast in,to a different country’s video standard. In order to convert video to the desired standard, the standards converter eliminates superfluous frames and lines and then inserts the missing ones.  The output then represents interpolated frames based on comparison of individual input frames.

We use your original video tape to play it on a compatible deck. This signal from this is then sent to a Standards Converter, the video signal is reassembled to the desired video format. We can convert videos to and from NTSC, PAL, or SECAM.